Wilcox For State Senate

This Web site was created to showcase the resume and portfolio of the candidate for the Minnesota State Senate Elections 2002.

Developing this site created to present the following features:
    Email Mailing List:
    Allowing voters to get up to date information on the candidate's activities and latest achievements.

    Volunteer Forms:
    Allowing folks who wanted to become more involved in the campaign and work with the candidate in the election and campaign process as well as donation forms to allow easy and quick access and response to obtain contributions to the candidate's campaign fund.

    Photo Gallery:
    Contains pictures allowing visitors to the website to get an inside look into "who" the candidate is as a person and as a leader in the community.

  • To create a website the is functional and easily viewed by all platforms from DSL to basic dial up accounts while keeping a fresh, dynamic and current site for visitors.
  • Create database to store emails for mailing lists
  • Create forms to collect information on visitors and their activities
  • Layout and design of for quick download and viewing for all platforms
  • Created animated gifs to allow for movement to the site design and still making the graphics easy to view for visitors not familiar with the latest plugs ins in advanced graphics.

Up Beat DJ

Professional DJ services for the Twin Cites, Minneapolis and St. Paul Minnesota.

  • Create a business showcase.
  • Created icons to bring the site to life matching the DJ's personality
  • Put together collections of pictures showing the DJ's in action

Bloomington-Izumi Sister City

The mission of the Bloomington Sister City Organization, in support of the City of Bloomington charter with Izumi City, Japan, works to promote understanding, prosperity and goodwill through the exchange of education, commerce, and culture.

  • To create a dynamic site to keep members updated on events and happenings within the organization and provide new visitors with all the information about the organization.
  • Create layout for redesign of old site
  • Convert all pages to new design
  • Create new site navigation
  • Maintain site for updates


The Official North American Queen Convention Website.

  • Create to provide members of the fan club with updates and showcases of conventions from the fan club.
  • Maintain site for updates for upcomming conventions
  • Post pictures from past conventions

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